Online Ministry Management

Our online church and ministry management tools make managing ministry membership and donation records easy. Start accepting credit and debit card donations.

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Accept Credit/Debit Cards

Use our online ministry management tools to process credit and debit card donations to your ministry via the virtual terminal. Define donation categories and use our analytical tools to view metrics and run reports. View detailed financial contributions for a person or a particular donation category.

Setup Donation Forms

Setup donation forms for general purpose offerings and love gifts or setup a form for a special event. You can create multiple donation forms and link it to one or more donation categories. We even give you control over the response message displayed on screen and the email message sent to the donor.

Manage 'Text to Give'

Setup one or more 'Text to Give' phone numbers to link to a donation form. We give you the ability to choose from available phone numbers by area code. We keep track of every donation and give you the tools to view all of the donations (with the ability to view the breakdown by donation form).

View Detailed Reports

We give you the power to run detailed reports for your ministry membership. Generate and create reports -- filtered by month and year! Need a contact list of your members' addresses, phone numbers or email -- we can support that. What about a report of upcoming birthdays? We support that too.